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Apply Lactation Management To Ensure Smooth Breastfeeding

Applying lactation management since pregnancy is important to do. The goal is that Mother can meet the needs of breast milk needed by the Little One well. Lactation management is an effort made to achieve success in breastfeeding. Lactation management should be done from the beginning of pregnancy, until during breastfeeding. Preparation for Breastfeeding Since Pregnancy Naturally, lactation management has been started since early pregnancy. It is characterized by breasts that begin to enlarge, areola that look darker, and nipples that become erect. In addition to physical changes in the breast, hormonal changes as a series of preparations for breastfeeding will also occur. Prolactin and oxytocin levels that play a role in preparing lactation will increase during pregnancy. Increased levels of the hormone prolactin are beneficial in supporting milk production. While the hormone oxytocin, is responsible for the release of milk. The second effect of this hormone also makes you st
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Wow, it turns out that pregnancy can be contagious, you know

The news that pregnancy can be transmitted is not entirely a myth. Although not physically contagious, pregnancy can be "transmitted" emotionally. According to one study, pregnancy might be "contagious" to those who have friendship ties. This can happen because emotionally, the desire to have children can arise when you see a close friend already has children. Emotionally contagious One pregnancy myth that is still believed by the public is that pregnancy can be contagious. Pregnancy can actually be "contagious", but not through physical contact with friends who are pregnant, but through emotional contact. Why is that? Research reveals, if you have peers who are pregnant, then chances are you will "get infected" about two years later. This is likely to occur because you will also be planning a pregnancy as soon as your friend is pregnant. Why is the role of friends so important in influencing the decision? In that study it was revealed th

Tai Chi, His Greatness Is Comparably Straight With His Health Benefits

Besides being well known for its defense techniques, Tai Chi's martial arts are also believed to be able to maintain health. For decades, Tai Chi was used as an effective tool to promote the health of its activists. This form of martial arts is considered a form of meditation movement. Tai Chi or Taijiquan is a martial art originating from China around the 13th century. This flow is considered very good for anyone who wants to achieve physical health and inner peace and peace. Not surprisingly, many do so to relieve stress and anxiety, and increase concentration. Can Be Done Anyone and Anywhere Unlike other martial arts that seem to rely on physical exertion, Tai Chi looks more gentle, gentle, and focused on concentration and breathing exercises. This is why sports through martial arts are very suitable for anyone, even though the elderly. Its gentle movements make the muscles and joints not burdened by excessive pressure, so it is good for the health of muscles and joints.